My computer recognize that I am the administrator

I have a problem with a few things I try to do on my computer and it does not recognize that I am the administrator.
The first thing was when I went to run a report on my computer for my
bit-defender Internet Securities 2010 it told me I don't have the privileges to run this, run as administrator. It also happened after I ran spybot S&D I went to fix all problems and told me I don't have the rights to perform this action as I am not the administrator.
I have only one user account on my computer I am always running as the administrator so I don't understand why I can't do it. Do I have some sort of virus or hijacker on my computer?
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  1. Start in safe mode, create another administrator account and run the programs from this account.
  2. or the progam has been setup using another account and can only be used within that account
  3. ^A administrator account can access to any folder, independent if was created for another user.
  4. Right click on the program you are trying to run and choose "Run as Administrator"
  5. Agree with the poster above me. I think there is something with the way Vista and 7 handle things so that things such as malware has a harder time getting admin level access.
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