How to see the blue screen of Death

I just built a new HTPC build. I didn't put a DVD drive in it. So I installed windows XP SP2 on HD on my regular computer and tried to put that HD in my new built. Its pretty much raw install before I installed any drivers.

The problem is that when I run it in the new gives me a the blue screen of death at the at the windows logo and restarts. The screen only pops up for a brief second and I can't read the error. Any way I can freeze that screen to see what the problem is? I can log into safe mode so if there are any changes I can make there so I will be able to the screen that'll be good to know. Thanks.

Also any idea why my fresh install which boots fine on my first PC (Intel build) doesn't boot with my new computer (AMD build). I have gone into safe mode and tried to delete all the important drivers installed under device manage in case it was a driver issue. Still no go.

I guess my next option is going to be to install windows off an USB stick if I can't get
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  1. start-->control panel-->system-->advanced tab-->click 'settings' under startup and recover-->uncheck the box to 'automatically restart' under system failure section.

    It's likely the hal.dll (because the HD has changed systems) or the BIOS controller setting.
  2. anything i can do to get this system working w/o re-installing windows?
  3. First thing is to find out what the BSOD says. If you have a SATA drive, make sure you aren't using legacy and that SATA is enabled in the BIOS.
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