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I just had a question that I was wondering if anyone could answer for me. I am looking to get a Nexus 7 by trading in my iPad Wi-fi/3G 64GB that I won from a company as Gamestop is doing the extra 30% trade-in-value. I was getting it set by going through and reseting it to factory settings and whatnot. However, I pulled it out of it's case and noticed that the comapny had engraved their logo onto.

Gamestop used to have on their website that they don't take products with personal engravings on it. When I looked today that clause was taken away. Also is a business engraving considered "personal?" But I was just wondering if anyone has had anyexperience? I typically would not go to Gamestop by in this case they do have one of the highest trade-in/cash values for my device.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. going to the store and asking doesnt hurt.

    hard call.... while not a personal engraving per say it is a marked product. gamestop could go either way on it.
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