setting up xbox 360 through the second ethernet port on my mobo help?

I bought a 360 recently and I'm trying to set it up on my wired network. Right now my computer and my 360 are down in the basement, with my computer connected to the router upstairs by a 50 foot ethernet cable. My computer has a 680i SLI chipset mobo so it has 2 Ethernet ports on it - one port is occupied by a cat6 cable linked up to the DGL-4300 router upstairs, the other is empty.

What I want to do is take the provided Ethernet cable, plug one end into the 2nd Ethernet port, and the other end into the Xbox 360 so that my connection to the internet will pass through the computer (at least while its on) to the Xbox 360 for Xbox Live. I tried just plugging it in and seeing what happened, didn't work; tried re-setting up the home network so that the wizard would recognize that other computers (in other words, my xbox) would connect through my computer to the internet, didn't work. All I get is the Xbox telling me that it recognizes that it's on a wired connection but can't get an IP, and my computer is telling me that the xbox is a "shared connection computer" or something like that but that it can't get access to the internet from it (obviously).

My comp's running XP Pro and the router is on default settings except for some port forwarding options and WPA2 enabled.

So if someone could post some steps to solve what I'm sure is a pretty simple problem you have my thanks :)

edit: fixed a typo so its DGL-4300 instead of SGL-4300, sorry...
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  1. here is what i do to accomplish what you are describing. Its called bridging. have your xbox 360 plugged into the empty ethernet port on your comp. Then go to the network tab which shows the different network adapters. Highlight both the one used to connect your comp to the router and the one that connects your comp to your xbox. Then right click one of them and select "bridge connections" or something like that. Let the computer do the work to configure the bridged connection (can take a few minutes sometimes). When this is done and set up correctly, it will basically be like having router--->switch--> xbox and computer, but of course the connection is bridged through your computer so your comp has to be on, and at times of really high recourse usage with your computer the connection can lag. ( at least for me using a 3 year old $500 computer). Its pretty easy really.
  2. Easiest solution is to get a 4 port switch to plug your computer and the xbox into. Dont need computer at all and speeds will be a little faster.
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