Several Files Missing After Automatic Update

I'm currently running Windows XP Media Center. Early this morning, I guess automatic updates updated my system (Software Distribution Service 3.0). However, when the computer restarted, several of the files that I had on my desktop disappeared. I had several .txt's and some word docs within folders that were on my desktop, and I can't seem to find them, but the files (directory) are still there.

Also, a bunch of files turned up in my recycle bin as well. Don't know how they got there. They were mostly PDFs and a few of the text files I was looking for, but not all of them.

I tried searching for them, but I haven't turned up anything. Any suggestions?
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  1. BTW, I thought the problem could be virus/malware related. I ran AVG and and Malwarebytes and it found nothing.

    I have absolutely no clue as to what could have caused this.
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