Asus Xonar DS Software/driver problems

I posted this in the sound card section, but i think it would be better here.

I built my pc about 3 weeks ago and everything runs smooth and great. Well, until I installed my Xonar DS today.

I put it in the pci slot and turned my pc on and everything was good. Then I put the disc in and installed the software that came with it. I restarted my pc and when i got on everything looked good. But when i clicked on a program(any program be it a game or internet explorer) nothing happens, the only way i can get anything to happen is to run as administrator. So i thought ok, I'll just go and uninstall the driver and the software and try again. No, I open control panel click programs and then when i click uninstall programs the screen freezes. And it does it every time. Then I thought I'll just go and restore my pc to an earlier point. So I click on maintenance then system restore and wahla, nothing happens. Then I tried running it as admin like the other programs and still nothing happens. I am out of ideas and I cant even uninstall the software. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi, I think I have the same problem.

    I have Win 7 x64. After installing the drivers in the cd, some things don't work, like the panel to change the screen resolution, or the properties window of "my computer", or even programs like winrar stopped working.

    I had some new custom drivers compressed in a file I downloaded from here:

    But as winrar didn't work I couldn't install them. I will try them later when I manage to extract them.
  2. I don't know if you're still looking at this as it's been some time. I've just had the exact same thing happen to me, same card, same W7 x64 and same screen freeze when trying to uninstall or access any part of control panel that would help with removal of the software. In fact it's so efficient at stopping removal that at first I thought it was some kind of virus!!

    Turns out it's just crap programming. I got round the problem by ending all *32 process trees in task manager (afraid I don't know exactly which one!). This freed up all areas of control panel and allowed me to do a system restore.

    I'm going to try Doc~Pollo's suggestion now, if it works I'll post back.
  3. Right I just thought I'd give asus an other try and downloaded their latest DS drivers, it installed and now works fine.

    ie. don't use the disk!
  4. ^+1 yes never use the supplied disc when installing soundcards and gpu's.
    They're 9/10 outdated.
    Always install new software as Admin
    If add/remove won't dump stubborn software use Revo Uninstaller it works like a charm.Been using it since 2008.
    I also use DriverSweeper(for years) when updating sound cards and gpu's.
    I add/remove the drivers first
    Run DS in safemode
    Restart normal
    Download and install new drivers
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