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hi my web browser is not connecting to the internet ...... i don know wat is the problem ........ but IE is connecting ...... i wanna connect ot firefox ...... so do help me in finding the problem ...
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  1. Check your proxy settings in Firefox, if one browser can connect fine and another one can't, that's the most common issue.

    Also make sure you are not just going to a home page in Firefox that does not exist. Have you actually typed in a web address in Firefox and it can't get to it? Try a few different sites to rule out some site not working.
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    is your firefox offline.?
    I use two different browser quite often..
    don't not set any proxy settings, go straight through.
  3. Pretty good advice from both.

    I would just add, that the proxy setting is under the tools-->options-->network tab-->connection settings-->select no proxy, or auto detect settings.

    To check if it's offline, go to the file menu, and look to see if 'work offline' has a check mark next to it.
  4. so it was off-line.?
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