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Distorted audio on burnt DVDs using Nero

Looking for a solution to the distorted audio on burnt DVDs using Nero.
I have tried with divx , mpeg-2 and .vob files. All play fine on the computer using vlc media player. When I burn to DVD using Nero 7 essentials and Nero vision, the audio track is all distorted like a recording with a flat battery and voices like chipmunks.
I am sick of throwing discs in the bin!
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  1. Can you try a different app like convertxtodvd? Not sure if they have a free version or if the trial adds a watermark on the picture, but you could give it a shot. Guessing you tried to lower your burn speed to 4x and I think there is an option to keep the dvd vob files once they are created by Nero.
  2. What brand of DVDs are you using? That can have an effect on the quality of the final product. I've learned to avoid certain brands like Verbatim and Memorex because they tend to have a high failure rate.
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    I guess you are trying to copy from disc to disc - On Nero trying copying the image of that disc you care copying to your hard disk then burn that image to a fresh disc, try burning it on a lower speed.
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