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What is difference between OEM and full product

Please help me to understand the difference between OEM product and Full licensed product ???
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  1. OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer. This typically means you get just the product. No box, sometimes no manual...very basic.

    Full product or Retail means you get the boxed package just like a regular store.
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    OEM can only be installed on one computer and has to stay with that computer, even if it is sold.

    Full retail version can be removed from old computers and installed on new computers as much as you like.
  4. Also with OEM no M$ support to call up and ask questions. If you think a good way to spend the day is to sit on the phone all day with a guy from a small town near Calcutta calling himself John Davidson and asking you to spell 'Bob' is worth it, the Retail version is for you.
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