Networked Printer only works with DSL modem Off

I had a Xerox 2521N printer connected to my Windows XP computer via an Ethernet cable to one of the ports on my router. The Xerox printer wore out, so I replaced it with a Brother HL-5370DW. I plugged the Brother printer in the same was – via an Ethernet cable to my router.

The printer does not work unless I power off my DSL modem. I discovered this by exiting Zone Alarm and turning off my DSL modem. The printer started working. I then found I could exit Zone Alarm and the printer fails until I power off the modem. I assume the modem being turned off must change some logic in my router.

My router is an old D-Link model DI-614+.

Here is some info gathered:

From XP Properties of the Brother Printer:
Port: BRN001BA91884A7
Sharing: Do not share
Advanced: Spool and Start Printing Immediately

From the LAN connection status:
Address type: assigned by DHCP
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

From a printer settings page produced by the printer:
IP: (via DHCP)
Subnet Mask:
IP Gateway:
Primary DNS Server:
NetBIOS Name: BRN001BA91884A7

I have looked thru the router information, but I do not see any logs showing rejection of printer traffic. I note that for the Properties of my old Xerox printer, the Port was a TCP/IP address. The Brother printer Port info seems to be a NetBIOS name.

From the above info does anyone have a suggestion as to my next step?

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  1. I had a suggestion to try a static IP address. I did, but it did not seem to help.

    I deleted the printer and driver and reinstalled and the problem is gone.
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