vibrating PSU corrupting data?

evening all!

I yet again had to reinstall windows again on my computer for the second time in a month and i'm starting to get concerned.

I just purchased some new parts for a new system I'm building:

>AMD FX 64 6000 CPU
>Corsair 1GB(2x512MB) XMS RAM 4-4-4-12
>2x samsung 60GB SATAII Hard drives in RAID 0
>Creative X-Fi Gamer Sound card

The only thing that I changed over from my old system are my two 6800GS in SLI mode which are still holding out but will be surplus to requirements when I save up for some 8800GS's.

Now I hooked everything up, tweaked around the RAM timings in the BIOS for my RAM and enabled the RAID devices, installed windows XP SP2and all the drivers and things were working fine.

during which time i noticed the things on my desk were shaking! and later found that my tower was shaking too!!! 8O

So i opened my PC up and found that the PSU (Hiper Type-R 560W) fan had a Blade missing, Probable cause of vibration? I think so.

Thought nothing of it.......

Then one day, babbling to a mate on MSN, saying she'd probably picked up a virus on her PC, s**t happens, so i closed up and went to bed.

next morning i woke and things were different, booted fine but would not load windows. both normal and safe mode.

repaired the installation and everything was fine again and just blamed to on a small hicup probably that piggy back some of the messages on MSN (perhaps? I'm no whizz no all things software)

then it happend again today, just finished reinstalling and loading all my backed up files.

<b>So do you reckon that my PSU, with the dikky fan is vibrating the tower so much its shaking the hard drives and corrupting the data?</b>
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  1. It will probably not do any damage to your HD's. But this fans bearings will soon shatter around the place. (j/k). But this fan WILL brake sooner or later. And constant vibration as you described it cannot be good for your system...
  2. well i got a new PSU on the way, and i am planning to repair the fan inside my current PSU once its changed over and see what i can get for it.

    If it happens again, then I'm considering getting a RAID controller card to see if that solves the problem.

    Just a bit lame that if the one onboard my Mobo isn't holding out, that i'd have to resort to that. bugger.
  3. I remember getting a computer for repair. Guess what cpu fan missing a blade. was vibrating the video card to the point of loosing connection momentarily i am sure it did not do the ram any good either.

    replace that sucker.

    Hey has anyone seen a box fan with a missing blade :)
  4. what do you thinks powering my PC as i type this......... :twisted:
  5. hate to bump, but update.

    got my new PSU. thermaltake toughpower 750W.

    now my old one (Hiper 580W), is no longer under warranty due to the fact that muggins here :wink: dropped a screw driver, point down, through the grill and bust a fan blade on 120mm fan, during the last time i changed cases.

    so took the fan out today, its a 12V, 2.2W fan, hooked it up to my bench supply at work.......the results were........conclusive, it was shafted, would not stop flying around like an over excitable dog!

    i plan to replace the fan, so: Has anyone seen a spare or spares site with a 12V 2.2W or 0.18A to 0.2A fan kicking around?
  6. Quote:
    Hey has anyone seen a box fan with a missing blade :)

    Yes I have, and if the banging and clanging of the departing fan blade wasn't bad enough, watching the thing jump around all over the place until it was unplugged from the wall was more excitment then I needed for the day.

    To the OP, I'm glad you got a new psu in your computer. The possible damage from it exceeded what it could do to the innards of the computer. If it had come apart and caused a short in the psu, your computer could could have been literally deadly to touch, or at least be a major fire hazard until it was turned off.
  7. right, I've been looking around at some fans and the one i took out.

    The broken fans speed is 1500RPM(printed on the side) and is pulling around 0.19A and has 9 blades.

    all i can find is 7 bladed fans rating from 0.24A to 0.17A but not spot on 0.19.

    so i have 2 questions for anyone to mull over.

    How important is the rate of flow, is it ok to slightly go under the recommended (give or take 5% of original flow)?


    Is it ok to use a higher Amp rated fan to cool the PSU or will this risk overloading the supply and "steal" the power that should be going to your PC?

    its basically a trade off with rate of air flow and current draw. Any suggestions?
  8. If noise does not bug you. get a super overkill fan and connect it right to a molix and run it back into the psu. Overheat that :)

    But be aware some psu's may not run without an rpm monitor(the little yellow wire :) ) from the fan, not that i;ve ever seen this. it could happen

    In general more blades means more air at a lower speed.
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