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I hope this is the proper place to be posting. I am a big fan of Live music (recording's of concerts), and have quite a few that are 55 minute 1-track albums. I was wondering if anyone knew a software that enables the user to break up a song into 3-5 minute segments, ideally, (nearly) keeping the same sound quality. Most of my files are in .mp3 or .mp4a format.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Try Audacity. It's free and works pretty good. I'm not sure it can do m4a editing though. Worth a shot though.
    Please See the link bellow and download the software.You can convert Mp3 in this software.So click download and enjoy new things.Its Totally Free Software.
  3. I don't know about freeware, but Sound Forge allows you to drop markers in a file and burn a CD with those markers as track indices. It has MP3 compatibility, not certain about mp4a, but you could convert that first.
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