New CPU and MOBO and no display, help

put in a D946GIZ and a new celeron D, i have no display. The D946 has Accelerated Graphics 3000, after I turn on the pc, hdd led and power led comes on, full power to everthingy, however I grt no display, I have a signal cause monitor does not say "NO SIGNAL, CHECK CONNECTION." just a black screen and the power led on the monitor flashes on and off..
Yeah I no it's probably a shitty rig, however I just need advice on HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM, no trolls please. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  1. BIOS doesn't boot if there is a problem with hardware...recheck everything from install? unplug everything but ram and cpu and see if you can get bios? try swapping components? motherboard manual should have beep codes or light sequences to tell you were bios is stopping and rule out problems?

    I also had a problem once with an old CRT display that had to be plugged in in a particular order or else it wouldn't power up despite the box booting. everytime you unplugged it, same thing, what hassle... A windows boot cd could should you if it's going past post, ie. if the cd spins up like it's booting then it's going past.

    No idea about the monitor flashing on and off, does that happen when it's not connected to a source (as that's what it's saying) or does that only happen when there is a signal coming in but not a valid one?

    I hope this helps 8O
  2. I would take the board out of the case, and lay it on a flat cardboard surface, such as the board box or a phonebook. Reinstall the cpu/heatsink and memory if you don't get anything at posting. You may have the power switch lead on wrong. The tiny leads for led, power, reset, etc aren't even necessary, just the power switch lead. Or you can use a screwdriver to start it up by touching the 2 correct leads. These are all low voltage, so it won't harm anything if they are connected wrong.
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