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Please help i cant open dlm file

im trying to download visual studio 2008 for a class im taking (intro to programing)

when i went to and downloaded the professional edition it just saves just a file (not a folder) to my documents and i cant open it its a dlm file

but if i download visual c++ 2008 express edition it downloads fine and all folders are there.

what is wrong with downloading the professional version
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  1. ofriend told me to open that file i had to image it to a dvd ??

    he said he found it somewhere online what does that mean? do i have ot download it to a dvd or what.
  2. What kind of file did you get? Is it an .ISO file per chance?
  3. ya now it says its an iso

    when my computer tryed ot open it it said it was a dlm but now that i actualy scroled over the file it says iso
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    ISO files are essentially CD files. The easiest way to use this will probably be like your friend said, burn it to a dvd. I believe windows 7 can do this for you, by right clicking on the file and selecting burn iso or something along those lines. If you don't have windows 7 you can download FreeIsoBurner to do it for you:

    Alternately if you don't have a DVD burner or DVD's, you can use what is called a virtual dvd drive, which can mount the iso image and your computer will appear as if the ISO image was a physical DVD in your machine. I actually just used this method to install visual studio 2010 a few weeks ago on my box, and didn't have any problems.

    If you run into any problems setting this up, feel free to post back here.

    Good luck
  5. woooooooo omg your the best idk how you forum ppl find all these free programs but id be lost without them
  6. Google FTW ;-)

    Good luck with the programing!
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