I cant restore my compaq laptop from restore cds on Vista

Hi I got compaq priscario laptop with windows Vista on it. I have shrinked the C drive to make another one and installed windows xp on that one but lost windows Vista. I tried to restore it from recovery partition but it gives an error message. I tried it with recovery CDs but it says the system is not compatible with these disks. I have restored it with these disks privously.

Please help if anyone know a solution to this.

Much appriciated.
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  1. You're going to have to delete the XP partition and reformat the drive to get the restore discs to work again. That is, provided you don't require the restore partition to be in place to use them.
  2. Hi Zoron, thanks for your help but actually I have deleted all partitions, recreated partitions and reformated everything but it still displays the same message "This PC is not compatible with these disks and you will not be able to restore it using these disks".
  3. Do NOT recreate any partitions. Restore the hard drive to it's previous condition. If that still doesn't work, then you likely require the restore partition... which you may have deleted. You'll have to contact HP / Compaq to find out what options you have.
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