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Hello, I am new to the forums here. For the most part I am computer literate, but this whole dual channel RAM is new to me. My questions are: I built a budget pc to get me by for the time being. When I boot the pc up, it says 1024 memory, and dual channel. I get windows installed and started up siw.exe to see what the memory was doing. I had heard that if the memory is running in dual channel mode, then it will display as 128 bit instead of 64 bit. It shows each dimm at 512mb and 64 bit. Then under My Computer properties, it shows my CPU at 2.29 Ghz and the memory at 896mb. Im assuming this is because I am using the on-board graphics with a shared 128mb. But how can I really tell when the computer is running in dual channel mode?

Mobo - ECS K8M890M-M version 1.0A (Bios flashed with newest)
CPU - Athlon 64 x2 4400+
Ram - Buffalo select DDR2 1gb (2x512)

All of the bios settings are factory

Thanx in advance
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  1. I downloaded and used CPU-Z and it shows the RAM in dual channel mode. Im still not sure about he 128 bit idea though
  2. ok thank you much.
  3. ok thank you much.
  4. For some reason, No matter what setup I have my ram in, it NEVER shows up in dual channel. When my comp posts it displays my ram as single channel. it detects both sticks. CPUZ says the same. Not sure whats up with it. Ive tried putting them next to eachother, and putting them so their in the same color slot. nothing
  5. are they a matching dual channel set fatalexceptionx8? also what motherboard you using?
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