PITA Wake from Hybrid Sleep - Occasional Problem

[SOLVED] The Windows 7 Hotfixes leading up to 08-10-2011 CORRECTED the problem. Haven't had a problem since - knock on wood :D

As the Title says, "Wake for from Hybrid Sleep - Occasional Problem" this is on my wife's Desktop primarily. The PC gets 'hung' in-between Sleep -> Wake, we 'can' press the Power button to shut it down and the reboot fully recovers 'S4' state so nothing's lost. In the Event Manager there are no 'Critical Errors' = 0; actually never had any 'Critical Errors' - knock on wood. This has been happening for the past, best guessing, 2+ weeks and has happened maybe 4-6 times. During that time NO new Apps were installed. However, I did notice every time Outlook 2007 was running - actually she always leave it running. The PC only gets restarted at most 1-2 times a week and it's generally me updating.

Today I installed ALL, bunch of them, Windows Hotfixes, and I'm contemplating updating the GPU drivers, and yes ALL other drivers are up-to-date.

So this is more an annoyance. Memtest is 100% good, H/W all seems okay - good temps, etc. Occasionally, I get those pesky {.SHD} files stuck in the Spooler that I delete that prevents Sleep. This seems to be a Windows thing, and I'm not interested in updating the BIOS if at all possible - because I don't feel it's the root problem. I did run a full check disk ->

So short of re-installing Windows -- any ideas?? Have others had a similar issue?

Thanks! :)

CPU: i7 930 (2.8 MHz) Stock
MOBO: ASUS P6X58D-E {not the latest BIOS}
RAM: 6GB (3X2GB) DDR3 1600MHz (Corsair Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D)
FAN: Corsair H50 Push/Pull
HDD1: 128 GB Kingston SSD
HDD2-3: (2X1TB) RAID 1 Hitachi SATA2 7200RPM 32MB Cache HDDs
VIDEO: HD 5770 1GB
PSU: Corsair 750 Watts CMPSU-750TX
CASE: CoolerMaster 690 II Advanced
OS: Windows 7 Professional (x64)
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  1. Shameless Bumpy ;)
  2. Did you checked the same option in BIOS?
  3. BIOS set to:
    1. Suspend Mode [Auto]
    2. Repost Video on S3 Resume [No]
    3. ACPI 2.0 Support [Disabled]
    4. ACPI APIC Support [Enabled]
    5. EuP Ready [Disabled]

    On her rig the only non-stock/default is the RAM {manually set properly} and since it has a pump on the CPU header the CPU Fan management is off/100%. I also set the Temp/CPU fan alarms; in case of pump failure. I told her if it suddenly start beeping shut 'er down ;)
  4. Let me know the results.
  5. Since all the Windows Hotfixes - no problems in 2 days.

    Like i said, it's an annoyance. I offered to wipe & re-install the OS, but she didn't want the day down time -- My way of dealing with Windows ;)

    So I assume those settings shouldn't interfere with Hybrid Sleep.
  6. I'd disable suspend mode, just for test.
  7. The choices are: S1 (POS), S3 Only or Auto. I know Hybrid Sleep is an S3 + S4 state. So if I choose S1 then poof goes the Hybrid.

    I first thought the hiberfil.sys might be getting corrupted, still not 100% sure if it is or isn't -- reason I'm not sure if 'Check Disk' {both options} actually checks it especially in the S0/on state. The 'back-up' aka S4 restores the PC to S0 -- but unless the PC gets restarted {flush the S4 hiberfil.sys} it'll repeat the problem.
  8. Can you test it in console command mode?
  9. Yes sure what do you have in mind?

    I've run powercfg -energy she had Spooler {.SHD} preventing sleep a few times, I've 'tweaked' stuff like turning-off Windows media sharing, etc. I get the atypical USB warnings, but I've been over it with a fine tooth comb.

    The problem is the PC, don't know how else to put it, begins the wake-up process and gets stuck between the H/W turning 'on' and Windows resuming -- HW ON {Fans, USB, Fan Controller, & Monitor}, 1 beep I think (stalls)-> Black screen & Limbo.

    If she gets the problem again then my 'plan' is/was to turn-off Hibernation in Windows, delete the hiberfil.sys (properly), and turn it all back on and keep an eye on it.
  10. If you have the same problem with console command, the problem is the PC and not the OS
  11. As I said, powercfg -energy had the occasional Spooler {.SHD} which 'is' in fact software, powercfg -energy looks at anything that can affect sleep including H/W. The H/W I know in looking at the reports isn't the issue.

    Since the problem has gone away 'now' for 5-days straight it 'seems' the the root cause, so far, has been resolved by the numerous Hotfixes.
  12. [SOLVED] The Windows 7 Hotfixes leading up to 08-10-2011 CORRECTED the problem.
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    So, finally it was a OS problem.
  14. Yes, I assumed it was from the first post, but only time will tell. After 16 days an zero problems I feel safe that the 'previous' Hotfixes caused the problem and the Hotfixes after 8/10/2011 fixed a Microsoft 'Oopsy.'
  15. Best answer selected by jaquith.
  16. Glad to hear that, hope the problem never come back.
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