Difference between XP 64-bit and XP x64

XP 64-bit Vs. XP x64


Look what is written here http://home.comcast.net/~SupportCD/XPRequirements.html#x64

"The "x64 Edition" is not to be confused with the "64-bit Edition",..."

Can someone tell me what the hell is this?!

Besides, just read the "Warning" on that page.

Is this x64 edition a 32-bit hardware version of the 64-bit edition? Meaning, you require 32-bit hardware for this version to run, but the software has 64-bit capabilities.

Or the x64 XP is like the XP 64-bit edition, but even heavier than the normal 64-bit Itanium sytem. (Because that fellow writes it requires Xeon and all that heavy stuff.


PS: I got an E2140 @ 1.6ghz (with an HD 4870 though). Can I install a 64-bit edition of the XP? :p
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  1. the article is a bit off? 64 bit OS or x64 is the same according to MSFT, at least if you put them in the MSFT site search engine it goes to the same place, yes you can run a 64 bit, or x64 whatever, no probblem, although I'd recommend vista over XP in x64
  2. I too would agree that vista x64 (64 bit OS) is stronger and more widely supports drivers than XP 64.
    If you hate the cosmetics of vista, then XP should be ok if you can play driver junkie for a day to get all your arms and legs workin'.
  3. I can't run xp64, can I, on my E2140 @ 1.6ghz?

    Thanks for the information though.

  4. yes you can the only thing is that the driver issues are better resolved in Vista is all were saying
  5. Coo! Thanks! :sol:

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