Vista welcome screen and desktop scrambling

My wife wanted to move everything into an extra case my sister in law had so i moved hers over.

Before everything worked perfect and now i can only get perfect video if i use onboard video.

If i use my old 8800gt or her 8800 gt it works fine in safe mode but if you boot it in regular they both scramble at the welcome screen and stay scrambled.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. My old card worked perfect i just upgraded for a gts 250.

She is running vista home premium i believe.

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  1. driver issue id say, but if you say there is Scrambling on the screen, by that do you mean its all ramdom colours? if so there could be a problem with the card
  2. if it is a driver issue i could reinstall the driver in safe mode right?

    also its just like the screen distorts. I will try and get a picture of it.
  3. could be a hardware issue but yeah a pic of whats happening would be great
  4. i got it. i deleted the pci-e vid card vista picked it up and reinstalled it.
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