ms network problems?

i just did my bi annual reformat. now when i boot up, i get these messages saying that my registry or ini thing is missing files and that something may not be able to work, then when windows starts, it says that msnp32.dll is missing and i can't run microsoft network.

a. what is ms network?
b. i can't find these files. any ideas about what this is??

oh yeah, i'm running win98se. have the latest 4in1, directx8.0a, newest det. drivers., a7v bios rev. 1007., amd duron 800mhz (not oc'ed), 512mg ram, 30gig ata/100 maxtor hdd, leadtek geforce ddr, sb live!, intel 10/100 inbusiness nic.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by toonces on 09/18/01 07:37 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. It's MSN. If you don't use MSN:
    Go into your network control panel, remove everything, and restart.
    After it reboots (should have no errors this time) add back in those components that you need. At the very least you need to have an adapter (either dial-up or network adapter), a client(client for microsoft networks), and a protocol(TCP/IP).
    If you do use MSN you just need to reinstall it.
    Actually, check to see if MSN is listed in your Add/Remove programs control panel and uninstall it from there if possible. If not do what I said at first.
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