Intergrated Nvidia Geforce 6150 SE Update question?

Have a new HP computer that has Nvidia Geforce 6150 SE intergrated graphics.

On windows update there was a 50MB update called Nvidia Geforce Nforce 430 that I downloaded and installed and now my Vista Graphics Areo score dropped by .2 points.

Did I just install an older update then what I already had on this computer?

My graphics score was a 3.2 and now it is a 3.0

Should I try to uninstall this update or is it the latest update for the onboard graphics I have?
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  1. Sometimes driver updates can decrease performance somewhat. The problem with nForce drivers is that it's not just a graphics driver, it contains drivers for the chipset which can affect performance of the entire PC.

    Whatever you are using to get your graphics score is probably based on synthetic tests. The best thing to do is to actually play some games to determine if there is really a drop in performance. If the game has a built-in benchmark mode then use that and compare the score prior to updating nForce.
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