Are there any single thread to mult-thread work arounds?


Is there any way to make single threaded or 1-3 threaded programs completely multi-threaded? To clarify, I am using Blizzard's Galaxy editor and it is only using Core 0 on my i7-920. Granted, everything loads quickly regardless but it would be nice to use those remaining 7 cores I paid for.

(Side note): I have VMware Workstation 7 and have created a "guest" OS running XP. I did notice that when using CPU intensive programs, it's using all the cores (except HT) on my "host" OS (the main OS).

Is there a way to mimic this without using another OS, such as a program that can scale all the cores into just 1 for a given program so that I can combine the power of all my cores?

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  1. The software to use both cores needs to be written as such. The OS will juggle load between the cores if needed, but the application itself will only use one for it's processing. There are issues to overcome when writting multi threaded apps, if you poke around the web you will run across write-ups on it.
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