x1950xt mem & core frequencies?

Hey guys!

I recently purchased connect 3d x1950xt graphic card and I can say that I love it, but I noticed one strange thing - on all the places I see that frequencies for core should be 625-650 by default, and mem between 1600-1800 (ddr2, of course, so I guess 800-900 actually), but in my case, when I open CCC, I see 500 for core and around 600 for mem. Now, why is that? I tried OCing it using ATi Tray Tools and stuff, but it got stuck on around 550 for core and 650 for mem. This looks kinda strange, but still I get nice scores on 3D Mark tests and all the games I have run on high at 1024x768.

Rest of my configuration is:
AMD X2 4600+
2 x 1 Gb Corsair DDR2 6400
650 W BFG
320 Gb SATA2 Seagate 7200 RPM 16 Mb cache

In 3D Mark 05 I get around 11K in 1024x768, normal settings.
In 3D Mark 06 I get around 5700 in 1024x768, normal settings.

Come on, guys, a word of advice for a fellow geek? :D
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  1. simple stuff

    2d clock and 3d clock :)

    when your on windows not playing games and looking at CCC that card is running at the 2d clock speeds (which is a fair bit slower to reduce excessive power use and heat dissipation)

    when gaming your card should go to the 3d clock speeds (thats the higher clock speeds)

    hope than answers your question :)

    if im wrong, then someone correct me before i fill someone else's head with useless info :roll: :lol:
  2. I just got a an x1950xt too and have a question regarding clockspeeds. On my card the core seems right at 625mhz but the memory seems slow at 700mhz, say compared to the published figure of 900 (1800) mhz, is this because the company cuts costs by fitting lower rated memory chips or is it possible my x1950xt is actually a rebadged x1900xt...?
  3. where did u get it from? and have you tried monitoring ti using rivatuner while playing games??
  4. awesome response time! it's a powercolor 256mb model (i would post a link but the site isn't working great for me at the moment) and i got it from overclockers.co.uk reduced (~£120 with postage) hence a slight suspicion!

    Rivatuner reports the same as ccc and att with is usually (annoyingly) 500/600 untill i restore the default of 625/700 with atitool.

    attempts to get any where near 900mhz memory stops around 750 before artifacts start appearing in atitool.

    Also, the core is reported as a R580, not an R580+ which is what i think the x1950xt should be...

    and i'm not sure how to monitor clockspeed while playing a game, please explain?
  5. arrighty

    open riva tuner

    where it tells you a little info about your card + chip make you will see a little silvery grey triangle. click that

    now pick the option with the magnifying glass on it. it will then start to show you a graphical representation of the speeds of your card + fan speed + temps (you can add extra stuff by clicking on set up)

    any who, now leave that open and after 2 mins (so that you can see a nice graph of your idle system) start playing any full screen game. After a few minutes close you game and check the monitor again. If anything changed it will show it on the graph :)

    by the way is thsi what you got?
  6. tested without rebooting and got constant 625/700, then rebooted to get the original 500/600, played a game whilst having the riva tuner monitor on and as you say the clock speeds jumped up to 625/700 for the duration of playing the game before dropping back again.

    - This is qute a relief know ing that i don;t manually have to change clock speeds all the time, cheers!

    and yes that is exactly the one!

    Actually come to think of it, how do i stop this auto-underclocking from happening - as i'm probably going to want to tweak clock speeds up sometime , or would it still underclock but then raise to the overclock when playing a game?
  7. the auto underclocking is built into the bios of the card. trust me, you dont want to mess around with it.

    I think what you can do is again use riva tuner and set the 2D clock and 3D clock separately. so while ur card uses the lower speeds while general surfing and what not, you can set it so that when playing games, it qutomatically overclocks by more than the standard 625/700.

    Also, iv been looking at that card you bought, and if im not mistaken your memory should be running at 800 DDR (1600 effective) when playing games and not 700 (1400 effective), as that site says the cards mem runs at 1600. Also your gpu clock should be 650 and not 625 according to that site (but is infact 625 as factory standard). you might wanna email them and ask them why this is happening and that they should sort it out.

    again, if im not mistaken the actual mem speed on all other 1950 xts are at 900 (1.8 Ghz effective) arnt then?
    link: http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view.php?id=2122&cid=3&pg=1
  8. I've sent an e-mail to overclockers asking why the speeds are not what they state on the site.

    Short of taking the cooler off and looking at the memory chips (which i don't really want to do yet in case of rma), i can only assume powercolor cut costs by fitting 1.4 ns memory chips rather than the 1.0 ns ones that they should be.

    but for the price, the memory clock isn't a huge problem, especially as the core is near enough what it should be, the card still performs great! - it's just annoying that i bought an x1950xt pretty much assuming the clock speeds on the site were errors (they can be, sometimes!) and got this unknown card!

    i'll post back when i get a reply from overclockers
  9. okay

    best of luck
  10. ok, after ringing overclockers and them having no answers, i think i've pretty much reached a conclusion: this card of mine is an x1900xt not a 1950xt.

    It fits becaues the x1950xt is supposed to be a 1900xt with faster memory as they both share the R580 core. Also it's too coincidental that the clock speeds of my card are pretty much exactly the same as a 1900xt (625/725)

    oh well, i'm trying to put a review on the site to warn people of this false advertising, if it gets through overclockers checks,that is (it's not offensive, just fair!).

    Anyway, cheers for your help, knowing what my card is, is slightly better than thinking it's faulty or something!

    - also, changing topic what drivers are you using? - my 7.5 ones are disliked by futuremark stuff and rivatuner...
  11. i personally use the omega drivers (7.4 at the moment)


    link to driver : http://www.3dacc.net/page.php?id=3633
  12. LOL, overclockers changed my review rating from 4 to 5 stars. At least they posted it though!

    have you seen a performance increase from those drivers?, if so what are the benefits? - the site doesn;t seem too specific.

    also i can't find a download from those links...
  13. LOL! i gave you the download link :lol:

    just scroll down and you'll see it says "Download: Radeon Omega Drivers 3.8.360 " :lol: :lol:

    well, its just a slightly optimised version of he drivers in the sense that it has some improved image quality in game as standard. However this can mean that your fps in games may be 1-5% slower than just using the normal ATI drivers. Its not that you will notice a big difference. You can try them both one after the other and make your own choices. Im gonna try the new ATI drivers directly from the ATI site and see if it does anything to my games.
  14. this is what i get from clicking on "Download: Radeon Omega Drivers 3.8.360 " -

    "This file doesn't belong to the site you came from.
    Please e-mail the webmaster of that site and tell him:
    This link belongs to www.3dacc.net so visit us instead.
    - don't want to look like a complete noob!

    Also if it just changes image quality settings then i'll probably give them a miss, i can tweak them enough with ccc and att if i need to.

    tell me if you get better or worse results from catalyst 7.5!
  15. arrighty then try this: http://www.ngohq.com/home.php?page=Files&go=cat&dwn_cat_id=14

    its the first file at the top
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