I'm having a weird issue with a character...

Can anyone see the above character? It looks to say:


inside of a box.

It's a weird character that has been showing up on some of my webpages.

I copied it and did a google search but no results came back from all. First time I've ever googled something and had that happen too.

It may say E1 at the top of the square, rather than EI. Not really sure.
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  1. Self bump?
  2. Its probably a Unicode char instead of ASCII. Many fonts dont support every Unicode character, as there are a lot, and thus will just use boxes to represent them.
  3. Thanks for replying. Does that mean that there's a good chance that the users on the profiles I'm viewing are from another nation, even though they claim to be from the USA? I know there's a lot of fake profiles on this site.
  4. It could be, but it could also just be funky little characters used to augment certain sentences or names. If you have played on steam at all, and see all of those usernames that appear like warped letters, that is unicode as well.

    If your really worried about it, you could try to switch your website to pure ascii (or at least the part where users input text), but as with any change, it could take time and cause unexpected problems.
  5. Not worried so much as slightly annoyed. But it's fine. Is it more or less outdated website design?
  6. I have almost no experience with web sites, so I wouldn't be able to tell you. I bet google could help find any website standards and best practices if you do want to try it. Good luck
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