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Hi everyone. .I currently have pieces for the new system that are sitting under my desk consisting of :

Corsair 620hx-power supply
Tuniq Tower 120-HSF
74gb raptor-hdd
111d pioneer dvd drive
case and 2 OK 120mmfans

I have a flexible budget of $1000 us to spend on the REST of my system.The reason for some of the HodgePodge is that money is always an issue for me but so is Great performance.My thoughts on the rest of my sytem are:

250gb WD-HDD(storage) URL=""]

Evga 640mb Ko asc3-video URL=""]

G.Skill 1gb ddr2 800

C2D e6600

DFI 680i LT 9

TOTAL after MIR=$1105

I am a Big PC gamer and am looking forward to Big titles like Crysis and Age of Conan among the many. I would like to do Some serious OCing on this system too.

If any one here could help me out by telling my whut u think or would change about this set up? let me know I am open to almost everything aslong as I can have future SLI capabilities in the future...thanx
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  1. I'd drop the Raptor, get 2 Seagate 320's for $80 ea, and an extra GB of memory.
  2. Prof_chaos, he already has the raptor.

    Why do you want a future SLI setup? Normally by the time you have enough money to SLI the card you have, newer and better cards have already come out, making SLI not as good as selling your old card and getting a better single card.

    Because that motherboard is expensive and it would help you a lot more to have 2Gb ram instead of SLI capability, I would get a Asus PB5 Plus or Deluxe motherboard, and 2Gb of G.Skill ram....its dirt cheap right now. Then you would have some money left over for some other stuff...which I don't know what to suggest to do with at this point.
  3. I'll cast my vote (fwiw) for more RAM. Skip the SLI.
  4. you must be nuts!!! 8O 8O 8O

    tiger direct has 2 x 1gb of crucial ballistix ddr2 for 69$ after rebate, just started... you need at least 2 gigs of ram, also new egg has the ddr 1066 version for 80 AR with free 2gb usb flash drive. Drop the mobo and get a p35 -ds3r instead. looks good otherwise.
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