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Best antivirus/firewall

I'm building a pc soon with windows 7 , so I need a security software. I'm open to suggestions between free and paid. The importants things are definition updates to keep viruses out, firewall that keeps threats out, real-time scanning, and low system resource usage. The software doesn't need everything but keeping my pc clean is needed over the system resource usage.

In the past I've used mcafee. Mcafee is not easy on system resources, but I've also never had a virus using it.
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    Comodo Internet Security will handle all your needs and has tools to do it all, very user friendly interface, free and has excellent reviews besides mine.. and check it out.
  2. The built in firewall for windows 7 is pretty competent enough.. That along with windows defender should provide you adequate security.. The rest depends on how smart you are with your downloads and other internet related stuff.. If you still need extra security then trying using just an anti-virus software along with the windows firewall.. I'll recommend Nortan Anti-virus 2010 or windows security essentials for that purpose.. Both of them are light on resources and good with security..
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