cpu-z reads diff then bios

CPU-z reads my memory as 400mghz when in the bio it is set to 266 so it should say 533. My memory is 1066mghz 5-5-5-15.
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  1. I think you're reading the SPD from the memory. You need to look at the cpu section of CPUZ and times the rated fsb by 2 to get y our current memory clock.
  2. Uh, no. The memory bus speed is independent of the FSB speed. The "Memory" tab of CPU-Z should report the current memory bus clock in the "Frequency" box. Double this to get the DDR2 speed.
  3. The memory tab on cpuz is all blanked out except for the timing.

    All it says is Type:ddr
    Frequency: blank
    FSB:DRAM: blank
    CAS Latency 2.0
    CAS 2
    RAS 2
    TRAS 5
    TRC 8
    command rate: blank
    Dram idle timer: blank
    Total cas#:blank
    tRCD: blank
    channels # blank
    performance mode blank
    blank interleave : blank
  4. Sounds like it's not fully compatible with your system. Assuming you've got the latest version of CPUZ, you might instead try PC Wizard 2007 and see if you get better results with that.
  5. I am looking under the memory tab and in the frequency box and it says 400 mghz..... when it shoudl say 533 why doesnt it report it right?
  6. Is there a compatibility list for CPUz? I would like to find out if its compatible with motherboard

    Chipset & Memory

    Northbridge SiS 740 rev. 01
    Southbridge SiS LPC Bridge rev. 25
    Graphic Interface AGP
    AGP Revision 2.0
    AGP Transfer Rate 4x
    AGP Side Band Addressing supported, enabled
    Memory Type DDR
    Memory Size 1024 MBytes
    CAS# Latency (tCL) 2.0 clocks
    RAS# to CAS# (tRDC) 2 clocks
    RAS# Precharge (tRP) 2 clocks
    Cycle Time (tRAS) 5 clocks
    Bank Cycle Time (tRC) 8 clocks


    System Manufacturer ECS
    System Name K7SOM+
    System S/N 00000000
    Mainboard Vendor ECS
    Mainboard Model K7SOM+
    BIOS Vendor American Megatrends Inc.
    BIOS Version 07.00T
    BIOS Date 04/02/01

    Memory SPD

    Module 1 DDR, PC3200 (200 MHz), 512 MBytes, unknown brand
    Module 2 DDR, PC3200 (200 MHz), 512 MBytes, unknown brand

    The memories are all Infineon DDR 3200 memory modules but the SPD shows that its unknown brand.

    I changed the timing for these ddr 3200 modules from CL3 to CL2, does it affect CPUZ's reading? Every function in CPUZ works except the memory section.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's nothing you did, just that CPUZ does not fully support your chipset. Sadly, SIS chipsets are pretty low-end, so there's not much demand for the volunteers at CPUZ to support them. It could also be a slight defect in your MB, as ECS are not known for their quality.
  8. Quote:
    I am looking under the memory tab and in the frequency box and it says 400 mghz..... when it shoudl say 533 why doesnt it report it right?

    OK, that means your memory IS running at 400MHz, or DDR2-800. I strongly suspect it is reporting the correct speed, and perhaps you are mistaken that you set it to DDR2-533.
    How, *exactly* did you set the memory speed (not the FSB speed) to DDR2-533?
  9. LOL... Thats right... SIS is pretty low end. I bought this computer 6 years ago and back then, i didn't have lots of cash. So i spent 500$ on this crappy machine and it's still very usable. It never lags, freeze, hangs, or anything that shows signs of defects except for that the bios battery died. So now.. settings reverts to default every time i restart my computer, but no harm done.
  10. in the bios i set it to 266 from 200 and it is still there and I saved it and everything. It shows that everytime I go into the bios.
  11. Quote:
    in the bios i set it to 266 from 200...

    What, exactly, do you mean by "it"? What is the wording on the screen?
  12. my ram frequency.........
  13. Quote:
    my ram frequency.........

    I doubt very much that the exact words on the BIOS screen are "my ram frequency". :wink:
    As far as I can tell, either CPUZ is reporting the wrong memory bus speed, or there's some confusion in how the memory bus speed gets set on your board. I'm betting on the latter; to help clear it up, a screen shot would be great, but a verbatim report of what the screen shows should be enough.
  14. Custom Ram Frequency: Default is 200 I set it to 266...
  15. A Socket 'A' rig is well within in it's rights to not want to run DDR1 400 RAM as DDR2 533, in other words it's running as it should mate, the ECS board might not be the best and it won't OC for toffee I know because I'm typing this on an ECS K7VTA3 rig, just replace the mobo battery and leave the BIOS be. :lol: :lol:
  16. where the hell did you get socket A from? I am running a q6600 which is lga775 and a badaxe2 with 2xpny1066 mghz ram. In the bio it is set to 266 but cpu-z reads 400 when it should read 533 that is my problem.
  17. Oh bugger :oops: , sorry mate I was looking at jackluo923's post and got meself all messed up :lol: , in my defence it's nearly 4am here and I should be in bed getting some kip, which is where I'm heading right now.
  18. Quote:
    just replace the mobo battery and leave the BIOS be.

    I don't think I'll be replacing the mobo battery since I run every setting the factory default. There's nothing wrong running on dead battery, no hangs, it post, the only con is that the system starting time is 3 seconds more because it always displays, " Please change your bios battery" message.
  19. Quote:
    Custom Ram Frequency: Default is 200 I set it to 266...

    I can't find that setting in the Intel BIOS .pdf: http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/biosglossarybymenu_v07.pdf
  20. Because you go to advanced then choose cpu/memory/somethign else with memory(I forget) and then you set it to manually over ride and change the frequencies.
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