Slow start up. Exactly 2:00 minutes every time! wth?

I just finished adjusting the services just in case there was something messing with my start up time.

Surprisingly enough while the system might have benefited from the services tweaking the start up time is still 2:00 exactly every time. I have an uptime counter on the desktop so as long as it hits 2:00 the network icon appears and together the Bitdefender internet security.

I uninstalled bitdefender just in case and this isn't the problem. It looks like my wireless network does not start before 2 exact minutes have passed.

The system and everything starts in around 30-40 seconds. Then it is completely idle and when 2:00 minutes have passed the CPU usage goes up again and the network icon appears.

Is it possible for the network to wait 2 minutes before it starts?

If yes can I change that somehow?

Help!! arrg!


After more service tweaking I managed to make the the wireless to start fast, together with everything else.
Now Bitdefender starts after 2 minutes.

Oh well I guess I don't expect someone to magically appear with a solution since it seems to be a very special problem. The one solution that would definitely work is to do a fresh install on windows. Now I am begining to think that it will be also faster. lmao
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  1. during the boot process watch the front of the computer and the HDD light, see if it is blinking, or if it just stays on for a extended time then blinks, or if it's off for some time and the starts again, that will tell you if it's loading stuff, or if it hangs, you could also try to download WinPatrol(free) and after installation go to the startup tab and remove the unneeded stuff
  2. I've already adjusted those things manually.

    I think time is coming to install win7.
  3. In your network adapters what protocols are running.
    If I remember right in XP the only things needed are TCP/IP and client for MS networks.
    The others will cause a stall while they try to connect to a dead end.
  4. If there are any large files on your desktop, move them to the 'my documents' folder and create shortcuts on your desktop instead. The larger files in your desktop folder, the longer it takes to load it.
  5. Tried all above suggestions nothing worked.

    The funny thing is that my XPsp3 Q6600 at 3.2Ghz with an 640 black for the OS and 4GB RAM starts slower than my XPsp3 Asus Eeepc netbook.

    The netbook takes around a minute to start and my desktop around 2 minutes. I guess this is what a clean windows install can do.
  6. Try different driver versions for your wireless.
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