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Need help comp infected!

So the other night my girlfreinds brother was on-line looking on craigs list and all of the sudden there was a flood of mass pop ups and virus/malware warnings.

I tried to run a scan using AVG - free, but found out quickly it was, and had been out of date for a long time. Then I tried to run Malwarebytes, but the damn thing wouldn't even open.

So, I tried to go to the web pages of both Malwarebytes and AVG to try and download them again, but evertime you try a web site you get re-directed to some other site.

AVG was a trial run and it wanted me to pay for the full version to continue. So I tried to uninstall it and it gave me the option to re-install it, which I did. I got AVG back up and updated then ran multipule scans. It found a few things but did not fix the problem.

Now this is were you guys come in, what do I do now?
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  1. I just read the top thread by aford10 - I will try the steps that he posted and see what happends...I'm at work right now so it will have to wait...8hrs *sigh*

    But if there are any other suggestions it would be great.
  2. If you follow the steps correctly you should have no problems getting rid of the malware :)
  3. So I tried to due some of the steps that aford10 suggest in is thread but they did not work.
    I booted to safe mode and tried to download Malwarebytes but I kept getting re-directed to other bizzar sites. So, I downloaded Malwarebytes to a flash stick and got it to the infected computer; installed Malwarebytes - everything seemed to be going well, but then at the end of the install when it said click ok to open and update, nothing happend. Maleware would never open for me. AVG and CCclean both open and runs scans but they don't find anything. This is were I gave up for the day...
  4. have you tried bitdefender online scan? that is alright for a free scan
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    I got it fixed!

    I would like to thank aford10 for his thread. If you could post here so I could give you Best Answer.

    I used the ComboFix; Microsoft Security Essentials; Malwarebytes and CCcleaner. The ComboFix is what helped the most. My browser was hijacked and ComboFix got it back for me. Then I downloaded MSE and it found the virus/malware and got rid of it...which AVG was unable to do. Then I ran Malwarebytes and CCcleaner to double check things. Now everything seems to be back to normal, if not even better since I cleaned a few other things out as well.

    This was a great learning experience, although very frustrating. My only advice for people here on Tom's is to make sure your AV software is UPDATED; all of this could have been avoided if the AV was updated.

    I feel that really any AV software will block the vast majority of issues upfront as long as it is up to date. But in my case where AV was not updated and something got by. AVG was my primary AV protection and it was unable to find the virus/malware no matter what mode I was in; Safe Mode w/ or w/o network on, or in normal mode.

    I have moved on to Microsoft Security Essentials as my primary active AV protection, with Malwarebytes and CCcleaner to run scans.
  6. maybe could have done a restore.?
    glad it's fixed..
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