Media Player error

I have received a msg saying error C00D1199 i insert in the yahoo search and comes out c00d1199 - Windows Media Player Error SOLUTION
so i enter and saw Dlr 9 plus which i so purchase and turn out to be dlr 49 plus.
Anyway it was a virus and anti spy scan
I have email to the company and also send comments thru their home page.
My problem is not solved.
More worse notonly my Media problem i have pay for this virus scan which i already have another McAfee

Anyone pls help me what shall i do


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  1. Try this and see if it helps

    Also here is an online virus scan that works
    and here is another that can be downloaded from Mcafee

    I have used them both and they work well.
    Also you can type online virus scan into google and see many more free scans from the top AV people.
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