how autocad works on remotedesktop
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  1. I have never though to work using remote desktop. I'll try out and will share here.
  2. Depends on the technology you use it with and your connection. You need to make sure you can enable and use full graphics settings over the remote session or you will get errors. I don't think the regular MS program will work right for this. You need a broadband connection for this at both ends.
  3. I have tried to use AutoCAD with remote desktop... and it works to a certain degree. However, it will run very slow and don't expect to be able to deal with any large drawings or models. Also depends on the computer you are running the remote desktop from, and how capable it is.
  4. At home I have a laptop and external monitor, but logmein only permits a single monitor in the active window (web browser) and has a toggle to view alternate monitors. The resolution isn't high enough to view both machines if I have one window "span" both of my remote connected monitors.

    Hope this helps.

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    Intel Xeon E5630@2.53Ghz
    NVIDA Quadro NVS420 Dual Monitor
    12GB Ram / Win7 Professional 64bit SP1

    Thanks a lot,
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