UNSUAL thermal grease application question

I wanted to know you're opions about aplying thermal grease onto the heatpipes of the heatsink itself ( for example in a zalman 9500 )
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  1. It's a waste of grease, and it would probably raise your temps.

    The point of thermal grease is to improve the contact between the IHS on a cpu and the heatspreader on the hsf. The only thing applying paste to the heatpipes would do is insulate them. Which is bad...
  2. Quote:
    about aplying thermal grease onto the heatpipes

    Yes, Thick heavy paste all over the pipes.
  3. This is why we use thermal paste.

  4. depends on where, you *can* see some increase if you have a HSF with heat pipes that are sandwiched between 2 copper blocks as a base by removing the top one, putting a lil bit of thermal paste in then replacing it.
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