Fails to boot up randomly (after installing the updates)

hi all,

I got a new hard drive about a month ago and installed Win xp and all the other software that I use on it. It was working no problem what so ever till couple days ago when I shut down the computer as I was moving....then it started installing windows updates and warned not to turn it I waited for it to finish etc. then moved it to my new place.
ever since then when I turn it on (or restart the machine), it gets stuck on the very first page:
"113-B14904-X05 RV630 GDDR2_32Mx16 128b"

mind you this is even before reading the wont even reach the point of reading from the CD/hard drive...cos I was thinking of trying a windows CD repair....but i cant really
but when I turn it off and unlpug it for a couple minutes, it boots up:
sometimes it gets stuck on the Windows XP logo (just before logging in)
and sometimes it boot up all the way and there's no problem after.

what do you think the problem is and how to solve it?

Thanks for your time,

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    If it's happening that early in the boot sequence, it's going to be hardware related.

    My first impression is PSU. Can you list your hardware specs?
  2. good point! how come I didn't think of that!
    I put together the system less than 6 months ago, so the PSU's not even half a year old. hard to imagine it'd break down so quickly considering it's antec !

    Here's the specs:

    PSU: Antec Earthwatts 500W
    motherboard: M3A78-T
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.61 GHz
    memory: 4gb
    Video Card: Saphire HD 2600 Pro
    Audio: Creative Audigy
    hard drive: western digital, 1TB, 32mb cashe, 7200 RPM
    western digital, 0.5TB, 16mb cashe, 7200 RPM


  3. actually "113-B14904-X05 RV630 GDDR2_32Mx16 128b" I would think the memory GDDR2-32mx16-128b
  4. The GDDR2 is in reference to the graphics memory. However, it apparently displays correctly and is an intermittent issue.

    I would normally think it's a weak PSU not supplying enough power to boot consistently. That is a very good PSU though.

    Now, I would look more towards a possible heat issue. Try reseating the video card. Open the case, blow out any dust, and try putting a fan next to your tower to keep it cool. See if that takes care of it.
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