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I am trying to revive several hard disk drives using HDD Regenerator. However, the process of regenerating an area is extremely slow due to the sector-by-sector regeneration that the application needs to employ. The HDDs I'm trying to recover just have several sector that are BAD scattered across the disk's surface. When HDD Regenerator scans the disk surface for such sectors, it goes very fast, a couple hundred thousand sectors/s which is a real pain if you're trying to fix just 11 of those sectors.
What I need is an application to fast map these BAD sectors so that I can give HDD Regenerator a starting and ending sector so it and I can get on with our lives.
I really need such an utility because if I let HDD Regenerator have it's way and let it regenerate the ENTIRE disk surface, it estimated that it will finish in about....8411 hours
Please, help!
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  1. Found it and it's called MHDD. It has the ability to fast-scan a hard drive-s surface and then send the information to a log file.
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