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I'm looking to buy all new stuff am have been checking up on many of parts i would like to go with amd. mabe a am2 socket but there in lie the problem. i can't really get a finger on a mobo that seems reiable and has good reviews and is offering what i want. i am giong for the athlon 64 x2 4400, 500w modular psu, 500g hd, all aftermarket MUTIPLE fans and cooling. i want a bad ass mobo thats falls in the 200.00 price range. and is upgradeable with some decent ffeatures .but alot of ass underneth it. somhting with 2 pci-e x16 for future sli setup, and like to have the features: hypertransport, amd live, quiet & Cool, unbuffered, maybe try to get into OC-ing. hopefully 4-8gb DDR2 533,800, ect atleast ,7.1 audio, on board grap is ok till buy a card ,sata cap. , all i have really checked out so far is asus, mach speed. wat would you recommend:confused;
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  1. I suggest you dump the idea of going amd. Intel has several mobo's that fit that criteria and you'll get far more performance than you would from AMD. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that would recommend going amd right now, unless you're going for ultra low end where it might be cheaper.
  2. Amd is more than adequate for most applications. I like Fry's combo deals. The 4400 bare cpu with ecs board was selling for $99.99 recently. The e4300 Intel combo was $119 recently with an old via chipset using agp and ddr or ddr2. In either combo, the board was free, so you can toss them or sell them on ebay and get a better board.
  3. Whatever CPU brand you decide on look at the DFI MB's for best overclocking.

    Use a top end single rail, non modular PSU for best results and longest life.
  4. You will never use 8GB of ram!
    Use 2 1GB sticks and OC them....I have never filled 2GB up with any game.
    Avoid Vista as it uses alot of ram (can load up to 940MB of usless OS files) and eveything runs slower on it.
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