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Anything better than Virtual DJ.?

got the latest copy of Virtual DJ, it's totally wicked..!

is there another app out there (virtual) that can compare.?
just starting to look, please point out some in-case I don't find them.
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    I've never used Virtual DJ, I've been using Ots AV DJ Pro for about 5yrs now, as far as how they compare to each other as far as the Pro versions of both IDK, but they are another alternative.

    I have no complaints at all with Ots AV DJ pro, it does what I need it too.
  2. i'm a virtual dj user... have been for about a year now.
    i've recently slowed down messin' with it lately.
    never tried Ots DJ Pro,
    i'm going to check out the link.
  3. not using 'bump' techniques or anything... lol
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