Got a DVD Burner; do I need my CD burner anymore?

The title explains my question.

I used to have a DVD-Rom drive and a CD burner, but now have a DVD Burner wih my new build, and wanted to avoid instaling the old CD burner.

I am assuming that I wouldn't need the CD burner anymore; am I missing anything? My CD burner is 52x24x52x.

Just wanted to check in case anyone thinks of any considerations before I eBay it!

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  1. ebay the antique :lol:
  2. And let us know how much you got for it on eBay :lol: :lol: It's not worth the postage stamps, what with DVD-RW burners at $30.

    You'll be fine, DVD burners can burn CDs. Even the junk I got in 2004 could do it. If you use Nero Express you'll just have to pick "CD" instead of "DVD" from the dropdown list on the main page.
  3. Thank you! I'll stick to the new drive.
  4. Always nice to have that back-up though...;)
  5. Well you can go three ways, you can keep both drives in for on-the-fly copying, burning CD's while watching a DVD, leaving a game disc in the drive while doing something else etc. Or you can pull the CD burner and keep it in case your DVD burner dies (you'd ant to grab a new DVD burner quick but the CD could keep you going), or you can chuck the CD drive. Personally I'd go with 2 or 3 depending on whether or not you are likely to have the spare cash to hop over to Fry's and snag a new DVD burner right away or not.
  6. Agreed I keep my extra drives just in case something happens. :wink:
  7. if you want to burn cd audio, keep it
    if not ,sell it
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