Getting copies of important files when xp fails

windows xp failed with STOP message due to corrupt gdi32.dll. Cannot boot. I can boot from cd and choose recovery console and get to ms dos prompt and dir to see the files I want. Tried to copy to usb device but get "access denied". Do not have another computer. Want to get theses files before wipe disk and resintall windows or, even better, fix problem without wiping disk. Suggestions?? thx.
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  1. Try the second repair console. When prompted to Install Windows hit Enter. From there, choose repair install. That should repair your XP installation to the point on the Install CD and keep you personal files intact.
  2. if that doesn't work, remove the HDD and put it in a external enclosure and extract your data
  3. Likely denied access to personal files with an OS drive configured as an external slave. The repair install would get you to the personal files.
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