Can I install Sharepoint Services on an Acer WHS?

Is the computing power too low (slow) to install SharePoint Services V3 onto an Acer Windows Home Server? It does have 2 GB of ram but the processor is only an Atom CPU 230 @ 1.6 GHz.

Microsoft requirements for Sharepoint Services V3 states a processor with a speed of 2.5 Ghz.

So am I out of luck or does someone have some work around suggestions??
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  1. I'm sure you can install it, but it may run slow depending on how many people are using it. If you are just installing it for yourself to use as a test or to learn, it should work, slow maybe but should install and run.

    I would not use that computer for anything more than a couple of people using it at once though, unless you double the RAM at least. Ther is no workaround for a slow CPU, unless you can call a new CPU a workaround :-)
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