Brand new Windows 7, Slow Startup

3 minutes upwards on my new Windows 7 x64 Ultimate system :( It was already like that before I even installed anything. I already tweaked it and disabled a lot of startup services using Black Viper's Configurations. Still no go.

Intel i7 2600 @ 3.4 Ghz
ATI Radeon 4650 HD
ASUS P8H67-M L67 (motherboard)
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  1. Have you installed the drivers for your video card?
  2. This is what you should do

    #1 Install Windows
    #2 Install all Applicable Drivers
    #3 Install all Windows Updates
    #4 Install any programs you know you want (MPC, VLC, Img burn Codecs ...Ect)
    #5 Restart the computer and then Restart it again
    #6 Run CCleaner including the Registry cleaner
    #7 Restart computer and enjoy a nice clean fast computer

    I use these steps when i reinstall windows and it never take me more than 1 min to get into windows from a complete power off and my specs are

    Intel i7 920 Stock 2.66 Ghz
    8Gb DDR3
    ATI 5770
    Intel DX58SO (motherboard)
  3. Installed all windows updates. Will try to run CCleaner soon. Still at 3 minute boots.

    How do I find all applicable drivers?
  4. Driver for the Motherboard ie. chipset, Sound, Network, ect
  5. Used Device Doctor to update drivers. Didn't see an option for motherboard, it only detected 2 drivers that needed updating.

    Still at 2:44 minutes of boot time. That's with everything. It really takes a long time at the black screen with the Windows 7 logo loading for so long...
  6. It could be your harddrive
  7. It's a 500gb model. What do I do to fix/optimize it?
  8. Which brand of hdd is it?
  9. It’s too bad your new computer is already having issues However, I’m sure there is a solution, and I would definitely recommend looking at any security software you may have on your computer before giving up on it. This is important because the harmful effects security suites can have on PCs are often overlooked. I’ve been blogging about security programs lately and evaluating which ones affect system performance. If you’re interested in solving your PC problem and learning more about security suite issues, you can read the posts here:
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Windows 7 Slow Startup