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Matrox video server directshow

I am trying to make a video server using directshow and matrox card x.mi2, but it graph edit I am unable to find any filters for Matrox card. Please help how to get Matrox filters.
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  1. Need to explain a bit about you are doing, what you put in does not make much sence. Filters are not for a specific video card but for playback software. If you do a web search for "filterpack" you will find several packages that include pretty much every codec and filter you can think of.

    If you are having issues with something, put in what you are trying to do, what you have installed, and what the issue is in more detail.
  2. Actually I am trying to rendor a video on MATROX x.mio2 card. As the first step I installed directshow on the machine as my card was already installed on the machine. Earlier I worked with DeckLink cards, where when I open graph edit there are filters under Decklink when I goto Insert Filter tab. But in Matrox mcahine case, the graph edit is not showing any related filters. So my problem is how will I rendor a video on the card.

    To be more specific I want to develop an application capable of rendoring and capturing avi files using MATROX.
    Please guide me how can I use Matrox with directshow as right now dont know which filters should I use for playout graph. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    The Matrox XMIO is a developer card - which means that unless you purchase the (very expensive) SDK you wont get any of the ablity to capture/ replay video using this card.

    The Matrox SDK is also very - very difficult to work with and mainly you need to be skilled in C++ to do anything useful in the first place. The XMIO2 is meant for high end broadcast applications, unlike the BlackMagic which is mostly at the lower end of broadcast and mostly pro-sumer.

    Black magic uses mainly Directshow / DirectX, hence why you can see the Graph Filters for capture / playback, Matrox XMIO does not work in this way so you wont see any filters as such.

    If you buy the SDK then you get Codecs - again depends on which model of XMIO you have , there are XX/6000, 8000, 9000 versions which all support various levels of codecs and support for playback.

    What is the model number of the card that you have? you will see a lable on the back of the card that says XMIO2 XX/XXXX, e.g. 12/6000 which means you have 1 input and 2 outputs, if its 02/6000 this would mean you have 0 inputs and 2 outputs - mainly used for graphic render systems etc.

    The XMIO by the way only works (poroperly) on certain validated M/B and systems so again its not simple as pluging in this card into any PCIe slot and away you go, far from it!

    How did you get hold of the card?

    Are you looking to develop this application for your own use or is it some commercial application?

    If you need to know more then ask away!
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