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Hi, got a winxp pro service pak 2 PC with a phone/fax modem installed in it and a regular phone hooked up to it.

Two questions?
Is there any software out there [preferably free] that functions as an answering machine for a landline? [It doesn't appear that XP has that feature?]
And if yes,
Is any other hardware besides the good old dial up modem needed to have a software based answering machine?

Note: I rarely run the builtin fax software [it does work though both incoming and outgoing] and have cable internet service so I am not worried about any conflicts with dsl type setups.

I am running out of plugs to hook up more electronics in this apartment. :)
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  1. If I remember correctly from way back, I had a modem that came with software that acted like an answering machine. Have you done a web search for this?
  2. The modem is an intel 537ep voice modem. It doesn't come with anything but the basic drivers.
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