How can I restore XP pro using my recovery cd??

Let me backup and start when this problem 1st started. I began to have a loud fan noise at startup. I would let it run for 2 mins and shout down and reboot and the noise would go away This went on for about 2 weeks. I though it was the Heat sink fan. Later I found out it was my PSU fan going bad. Then Wins crashed and I could not load the desktop display. I tried to restore w/ the recovery cd. This failed several attempts. Kept getting a error message that wins could not see my HD. I though the HD had died. So I decided to install Kubuntu to see what was going on. Kubuntu installed w/ no problems., except it is a 2006 version. I ordered the newest version to be sent to me by mail. Now I am trying to see how I can get Wins XP reinstalled. I think a was told that the weakest of the PSU might be the bad boy in this game. I appreciate all the help I can get w/ this problem.
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  1. your right, if the PSU is weak it will cause all sorts of problems
  2. number13 said:
    your right, if the PSU is weak it will cause all sorts of problems

    Replaced the PSU and things are good to go now. I still have to restore wins xp w/ my recovery cd. Will post my results.
  3. Windows XP Recovery CD won't restore Wins. It says it can't see my SATA HD. This cd is a OEM cd for restoring Wins XP. In the mid of the restoration process it asks for a floppy which I do not have. I think that I must get a driver downloaded to a floppy to complete the Recovery. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?? Any advise would be appreciated.
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