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How to mount iso files that is inside an rar file?

source/program/game: theirs 82 rar files (pc video game) which equal to 16gb.

programs i have: winrar v3.93 and virtual clone v5.4.4.0 and imgburn v2.5.2.0

problem: since their is 82 files i right click on the first file and click on "extract files here" which winrar does without no problem. anyway when it finish theirs a separate folder that was created and has "dvd 1 and dvd 2" and inside the dvd's has


Well anyway the instructions says extract rar files and either mount or burn on disc.

i tried to create those "example.001" file and make a iso by using imgburn which i did but once i mount the iso file that i created it loads the same files "example.001"

Anyway i tried to double click on rar file 2 and it open with "example.iso" (which i know its a image file so i need to mount the file so i can use install the game) but once i tried to double click on the "example.iso" its missing rar file 3. i know for sure i have all the rar files but i not sure if i need to extract each rar file separate because if i click on each rar file for example:

example 02.rar

theirs a iso image but once i tried to extract that image it says its missing the next rar file number.

anyway how do i extract those rar files properly?

i have all 82 files in rar format. folder 01.rar seems to have all the dvd1 dvd 2 but inside it has "example.01"

so how do i install the game from rar files? please help step by step because i'm lost already at step 1 trying to extract the rar files and try to mount it.
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  1. What is it and where did you download it from?
  2. Pirated game, missing .rars; close the thread mouse.
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    Tamz_msc said:
    Pirated game, missing .rars; close the thread mouse.

    Yeah, I reckon so too. I thought I'd give the OP an opportunity to try and convince me otherwise but they seem to have left.
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