Made a partition, made it active, copied C: to it but can't boot

I have a 1terrabyte drive and I want to get my two older drives out of the tower. I made some partitions:

I copied the c: drive contents to r: and I made r: active. But it won't boot when I romove c: as it doesn't see netdlr. Or is it netldr? LOL. At any rate, maybe part of the problem is that r: is now r:c:windows and not r:windows. But it took forever to copy this drive to r: and I don't want to do it again.

I am using Cobian backup by the way. Is this a good program?

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  1. No really I need help. Anyone out there?
  2. You should have cloned the disk:
  3. I did. With Cobian.
  4. If anyone has an idea of how I can fix this please post. If I have to make another copy of the drive I will. If I need to use other software, OK. I just need a little guidance from someone who has experience with this kind of thing to point me in the right direction!

  5. problem is that r: is now r:c:windows
    and not r:windows

    Im not sure about the above line but think about this.
    Your boot loader thinks that it is on dive c:
    You have all of the files on r:
    You can try to change the drive letters so that the new drive is c: and the old one to q: and give it a try or take c: out and do a repair install.
  6. Thanks a bunch for that reply!!! I can change boot.ini and I guess I need to change netldr but what else should I change and where do they live? I am guessing the windows directory. I will remove the actual C drive after I make the changes so there is no confusion for windows. I just plan to keep my c drive on the shelf. I can easily put it back in if this new partition ever dies.

    If I change the drive letters will it work?
  7. this is my boot.ini:

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

    There is no "C" in it. But I see "partition 1". Do I need to change this?
  8. Ok its been a while since I have done this so work with me.
    What service pack is the XP copy on the new drive.
    Xp will only see certain drive sizes with different SPs.
    Ill have to look to see the differences.
    Also Ill have to boot to XP so I can see my boot loader settings.
    Yours look right but Im wondering about the partition 1.
    Usually the counting starts at 0.

    Ill post back soon
  9. Ok I looked at XP and your boot.ini is correct for the old drive but then you knew that.
    I was just concerned with the partition possibly being something else. Sorry

    Im still wondering about my above question with the whole R :C: thing.
    Please clarify that for me . Was it a typo?

    Otherwise I think that you can either reletter the 2 drives so that the new one is c:.
    First I would just unplug the original drive and put the new one in its place and reboot. If it is a copy of the original it shoulfd boot.
  10. Thanks for your help Pat! I've been told that a program like Macrium Reflect is better for this sort of thing. I have downloaded that, and also I decided since I will be starting from scratch it will be better to make my original c: as "clean" as possible. I am deleting all the junk that I should have the first time- which will also make it a lot smaller image to copy.

    I think I will still have the same issues though. Even after my boot drive is smaller and after Macrium burns an image to it on r: the same issues with drive letters and where Windows expects to boot from will be there.

    Am I on the right track?
  11. It should work as long as you put whatever drive you want to boot to in the place of the current c:
    I have never used Macrium so I cant comment on it.

    Since you are starting over I would suggest partitioning the large drive into smaller pieces.
    It will help with a few things.
    Your data can be on a seperate partition in case something goes wrong.
    You can use one partition for just backups.
    Defrag and such things will take much less time.
  12. You should change the boot.ini file, both disk()and partition() will need to be changed to reflect the r: partition. Since r: is on another harddisk you will need to specify that number in disk(). Also you have to make r: a bootable partition by setting the boot flag which can be done using a disk utils software like Acronis Disk Director suite.
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