Hard Disk Failure?

Ok so my desktop PC. Recently had a problem where whenever trying to boot up XP, it BSOD's at the loading screen. I managed to do some research online and figured it was a MBR problem. And so i decided to use the recovery console to fix the MBR. Ok so it worked, as in i managed to boot to desktop, but everything freezes halfway while loading, the taskbar is stuck, and eventually in 2 mins it BSODs.

Ok so here is what else i discovered, recently i have been playing with fedora 11. I had a live boot usb, which i used to just check whether i could recover the data, and the palimpset disk utility which was inbuilt into fedora, had noticed that the hard disk failed a read test. But i still can read my data from the hard disk in fedora.

It gets more confusing, with all this information, as i cannot boot into windows xp normally, can do so in safe mode, palimpset says there is a disk error, but i still can read data.

What am i doing wrong, and what should i be doing?

PS: I'm right now at the verge of saving all data, and purchasing a new hard disk.
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  1. Have tried going into msconfig and disabling startup item?

    Methodically go through the startup list until you single out the offending program. You may have to disable the startup items from safe mode and then attempt a successful full boot.

    The reason I believe a startup item may be the concern is that basically all Safe Mode is, is a normal startup without a heap of drivers, services and programs loading at startup.
  2. Back up your data and use a zero-write utility to blank the hard drive completely. Then partition and format as usual. If you encounter any errors during this process, replace the hard drive. If the hard drive allows you to partition, format and install Windows... then it's likely still good. If there are any errors, then it's likely it's failing and needs to be replaced before it fails completely.
  3. Hey guys thanks for the help. I already purchased a new hdd and installed a fresh copy of windows. I'm still planning to use the old faulty one though. How do you look for these errors? And are there any ways to flag/partition them away so that no data is written on it?
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