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How likely is data loss during resizing partition?

I'm running out of space and want to resize one partition with easeus, I already got rid of the other partition, so that there is just 33 GB of unallocated space there. Easeus says I should back up everything before resizing but the whole point of the exercise is that I don't have enough space. So, I would like to know how likely it is that something happens to data, if one extends a partition. I guess, it doesn't make total sense to me how extending a partition can damage data.
Thanks for any explanation, Blixer
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  1. In my experience it is highly unlikely that you will encounter data loss during resizing, but nothing is 100% reliable. Suppose there was a power cut during the resize; this could corrupt the disk.

    So how important is your data to you? If you can't afford to lose it then back it up before the resize. But you should be backing up data that you can't afford to lose in any case. What would happen if your hard disk died tomorrow? These things happen.
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    It's easy to kill data when dealing with hard drive settings, makes perfect sense if you read a bit as to what's involved. When you re-do a partition is has to remap where all the data can go, if something crashes in the middle of that process the data may be there, but the drive will have no clue what's where anymore.

    A actual program failure during the process is not likely, but what % of failure is good for you to risk you data? How about if you add the chance of a power outage, hardware failure, some small issue with the disk that can mess up the program, cat jumping on the keyboard, etc... You back up to an external disk anyway, not to the same drive you are working on, so the space issue is not relevant here.
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