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Do programmers really test the stuff they publish...some of it is virtually useless, and it is hard for non-geeks to feel comfortable
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Maybe if you post some examples, some of us might take them to bits to see what's wrong. You won't get an overnight answer - these things have to fitted in and may take some time.

  2. do programmers test the stuff they publish...

    if you even have to ask this question then you have absolutely no idea how much work goes into debugging code. the short answer is yes but to what extend depends on the time of the programmer (in the case of freeware) or the budget (in the case of software). in general programs from small companies seem to be more riddled with bugs than releases from larger developed companies. you get what you pay for usually.


    hard for you to feel comfortable about what? either a program works or it doesnt. you the user needs to learn how to use the program. agreed sometimes it is done in a backwards manner but this is just bad design and is pretty commonplace. i doubt this will ever completely change so one just needs to accept it.
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