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I recently decided to do a bit of optimization on my older windows pc setup (following a good guide from this site, of course). Although I was successful for the most part, one thing continues to befuddle me: the start up time.

The problem is as follows: the computer starts to load normally, but reaches a stall point at around the welcome screen, where it spends over a minute with no HDD activity whatsoever. Now it's not the most urgent problem in the world, but I'd like to know the root cause of this and if there's anything I can do about it.

As an aside note, I have 2.75 gb of ram, all three of them pc3200, but from different companies.

Thank you in advance!
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  1. How you know that the HDD don't have activity? whe the pc starup edit the msconfig and unselects the programs that you don't need that star with windows...with less programs more faster starup....try this...if don't work write me and find another solution.
  2. I can sort of tell that there's no HDD activity because the HD activity led stays dark for quite a while, and then it seems to come back to life and the desktop screen appears. Right now from power button to when I can do anything is close to 4 minutes at times....Also I disabled almost all the programs via msconfig, 3 user programs start with me, doesn't seem to speed things up.
  3. Okay so I figured out what's up: it's my network *cry*. XP has to load the drivers and all the rest, anyone know a way to optimize this? Strictly for curiosity's sake, of course!
  4. You can delay load them, which then helps "mesh" the work needed
  5. run msconfig and uncheck all programs that you don't need that star when windows is start up...
  6. or you can download WinPatrol(it's free) and put the programs in the Delayed Start tab
  7. My thoughts exactly
  8. recommendation is get a good disk defragmentor and make it defragment your entire hard drive during boot-up, that way it will defrag all your core OS files, drivers, and all that stuff so when you boot up, your hard drive will load everything faster into your ram and therefore resulting in a faster boot-up time.
    -Hope that helps
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