An atrocious situation w/ return of a 6670 to Newegg! Please read !!!!

Hey guys, rather than explain again I will just paste the email I sent to Newegg. PLease give me your opinions on this:


About a month ago I ordered a 6670 card which included a Dirt 3 coupon. Not realizing your return policy and not anticipating a return I, on a whim, went ahead and redeemed the download for Dirt 3.

After playing with the card for about a week I was dissatisfied with the performance, and requested an RMA, even stating in that RMA that I was ordering another card from you guys, which I did, and which I am happy with.

I have now found out that my refund amount will only be $12.75 for the $71 6670! I COULD NOT HAVE IMAGINED that free coupon bundled with my card would be deducted from my refund at full retail $49.99 (for a game that is $12.49 on Amazon as we speak).

This is absolutely atrocious and a ridiculous way to treat a loyal customer of yours for probably 10 years. I do not shop for computer parts very often, but when I do I almost always order from you guys and have recommended your company to friends. I feel this refund is completely and utterly unfair and of course, for $12.75 I would have obviously just kept the 6670!! I would like to either have the card back or get a full refund. To show my good faith I even ordered a 6870 from you guys before I even learned of this refund situation!

Please let me know what can be done.


How the &%^# can they get off charging me $49.99 for a FREE BONUS game they include with the purchase? I find this absolutely ridiculous! I am getting a $12.75 refund for a 6670!!! It's not like I ASKED FOR or BOUGHT the GAME. How can they subtract that amount from my refund?? ARRGHH!!! Someone help me out here. I will absolutely never order from Newegg again if they go through with this BS.
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  1. well, if it is stated in the return policy then they have every right to do it. it doesnt matter if you could get it for 1 cent elsewhere, if they give it a certain value they can deduct it at that rate if their policies state it. just because you didnt read them doesnt mean your case doesnt apply. this is why you should read the fine print which many of us do not.

    consider that you opened the box and the product is now considered used. newegg must sell this at a discount since it is not defective. if they gave you a full refund this would be a loss, also if they had to replace this free game coupon it would cost a certain amount as well.

    do i think $12.75 for a $71 card is fair for a return? not really. they might be willing to deal since you bought a replacement product but expecting a full refund is most likely out of the question.

    now if something was actually defective with the card, you would actually have a leg to stand on.
  2. Exactly! I could have just said there was a problem with the card. What then? I still think this is totally absurd, policy or not. I could have sold the card on Ebay for probably $50!
  3. And again, not like I ASKED for Dirt 3. THEY include in the box wether you like it or not. Then, to charge you $49.99 for it if you happen to use it? I didn't BUY Dirt 3, I bought the card as far as I'm concerned. Ugh. I will never order from them again.
  4. you didnt have to use the dirt 3 coupon either. i had a little intel keychain guy included for free on one order that was supposedly worth $80 that wasn't worth 5. in any case just opening up the box knocks off quite a bit from your return. why would you use the dirt3 coupon if you thought you may want to upgrade? doesnt sound like a good idea to me.

    i'll stick with using newegg. i've never any issues with them and likely never will as i do things by the book. every retailer has problems and horror stories, there is no perfect retailer.
  5. C'mon, someone has to see this from my point of view. I'm getting a $12.75 refund on a 6670.
  6. I see that this thread is quite old but what the hay!

    I see where your coming from. One question comes to mind though. If you bought a card and didn't want the free game coupon can you return just the coupon? If they place that much monetary value on a coupon for a game that is currently severely depreciated can you get that much for just returning the coupon? Or can you ask them to not include the coupon in the first place and give you a discount on the item?
  7. ^ Doubt it, otherwise we could buy $200 7970's if we just refuse the Never Settle bundle. Because its AMD/Nvidia that are taking the cost of game bundles, not retailers unless they are running their own special.
    You could just sell off the key to recoup some of the cost of the card. The aforementioned Never Settle bundle is currently going for ~$60, which is a decent enough.

    Back to the original topic (even though the thread is necro at this point).
    Im surprised Newegg even bothered to respond to the RMA request, you clearly state you were dissatisfied with the products performance, which basically equates to changing your mind about what you want. Many retailers have it clearly stated that they wont refund items purely because you changed your mind on what you want.
    Also its a 6670, what kind of performance were you expecting from a last gen entry level card? Not like there are tons of benchmarks online or anything.
  8. I hear you man. I feel your frustration. However, this is stated in their return policy.

    Manufacturer Promotional Items and Newegg Gifts
    Manufacturers may offer free promotional items with their products. For example, a video card may come with a free game or a Blu-ray player may come with a free Blu-ray disc. To receive a full refund on a purchase that offers promotional items all items must be returned. The cost of any promotional items not returned will be deducted from the refund total.
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